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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Feb 11 20:11:26 EST 2009

Yes, it's a steep learning curve :)

If you're using Fusion "out of the box" it's worth your time to upgrade
to version 1.1.1.  Quite a few bugs have been fixed since the version
that is in the MapGuide installer, and I believe that the upgrade
process is fairly painless (just rename the old fusion folder to
fusion_old, put the new fusion in place, and copy the MapGuide templates
back into the new fusion.)


SVN is an open source version control system, which is used by MapGuide,
Fusion, OpenLayers, FDO, etc.  

e.g. Fusion:

More on SVN on the fusion Trac:


But basically, if you're on Windows just download TortoiseSVN, "check
out" the above SVN URL, and you're good to go.

For Fusion-based applications where initial load performance is
critical, you'll want to pull the source from SVN to access the build
script.  More information on building Fusion here:


I wrote a little about this here too:


By using the build system to create an application-specific single file
build, enabling gzip compression, and ensuring that your webserver is
setting proper cache headers, you can really reduce the initial load
time of a Fusion application.  

By setting a parameter in the application definition to serve your map
as PNG8 (setting is new in Fusion 1.1.1), you can further improve your
application's responsiveness though at the cost of some colour fidelity.


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Thanks :)
It's only a week I'm working full time on Mapguide and I'm having a lot
troubles learning new things, new terms, ecc. ecc.
And there is not only Mapguide, but Fusion and now Openlayers, gasp!
What is a SVN?

I've bookmarked the link for the future, thanks.

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