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Mike Adair madair at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Feb 12 16:50:09 EST 2009

Fusion 2.0 beta is reasonably stable for most the functionality that was 
in the 1.1 series of releases.  The biggest change is that a <MapGroup> 
element now allows multiple  <Map> elements which can be of any layer 
type supported by OpenLayers, and this is the part that needs more 
testing.  We will be documenting how to configure that section soon, but 
the MapGuide standard template includes examples of including WMS and 
Google layers.

It also uses a new version of Jx based on MooTools rather than the old 
Prototype version but most of the differences there will be in the CSS 
for the application.  Fusion 2.0 also switches to using OpenLayers 
vector rendering in place of the excanvas implementation, and I haven't 
seen any showstopper bugs because of that change yet.


Jason Birch wrote:
> It's beta, which means it's been tried by the developers but not much
> more.  
> >From my experience, it is very important to invest the time to test
> software while it is in beta form.  It is impossible for developers to
> know how you will use the software.  If you don't use it in beta, there
> is a strong likelihood that your use of the released product will run
> into bugs.  
> Problems found in the release version may be fixed with a point-release,
> but not with any urgency unless they affect a large number of users.
> If you want stable release software for your use, then you need to test
> it when it's in beta (or earlier).
> Jason
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> I saw it, but: how much is stable? 
> I can try to use it but I would like to know it before :)
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