[mapguide-users] MgConnectionFailedException Error when creating a Postgis Layer

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Sat Feb 14 06:14:24 EST 2009

I just noticed that you are using WebStudio.

WebStudio was never quite completed, so I would recommend that you try out
MapGuide Maestro instead:

If the PostGIS connection fails, try using the OGR provider instead.
If you don't have the OGR provider, see this short guide:

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

tmerz skrev:
> I have established a new PostGIS conneciton, and tested the connection with
> no errors.  
> When creating a new layer and connecting it to my PostGIS DB, the following
> error message occurs: 
> Failed to read schema from data source.
> The operation gave the error message:  The remote server returned an error: 
> (599)     MgConnectionFailedException.:
> Connot establish connection.
> Exception occured in method MgServerDescribeSchema::ExecuteDescribeSchema()
> at line 173 in file
> d:\build\mapguide_open_souce_v2.0\build_30.1\mgdev\server\src\services\feature\ServerDescribeSchema.cpp
> The purpose of my MGOS application is to map data housed in PostGIS.  If I
> can't access my data through a live connection will have to abandon the
> project.  
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
> tmerz
> Hi there,
> I've found many of the posting regarding connecting PostGIS and MGOS
> extremely useful.  I have managed to create a datasource, point it to the
> PostGIS database, and no errors are reported when testing the connection.
> However...  Now, I am trying to create a map that will allow me to display
> my postGIS data.  I have created a new layer in MGOS Web Studio and pointed
> the layer to my postGIS datasource (as suggested in step 5-6).
> At this point, "Step 7 Select the table to use", I am not able to select any
> tables.  I am attempting to select a feature source from the drop down list,
> but it is empty.  Should my PostGIS tables show up at this point?
> Any feedback regarding displaying PostGIS data after establishing a
> connection would be greatly appreciated!
> TMerz
> Intengu Technologies wrote:
>>> 1. Create a datasource
>> How does one create a datasource using WebStudio or can some please post a
>> working example of a datasource.
>> On 13/09/2007, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S <ks at geograf.dk> wrote:
>>>  If you are able to connect to the datasource, there should be no problem
>>> displaying it.
>>> These are the steps to follow:
>>> 1. Create a datasource
>>> 2. Point it to the PostGIS database
>>> 3. Click "Test connection"
>>> 4. When it works, save the datasource.
>>> 5. Create a new layer
>>> 6. Point the layer to the datasource.
>>> 7. Select the table to use.
>>> 8. Style the point, line and area to your pleasing.
>>> 9. Save the layer.
>>> 10. Create a mapdefinition.
>>> 11. Select the correct projection for the data.
>>> 12. Add the layer to the map, make sure you have "Layer is initially
>>> visble in the map" checked.
>>> 13. Save the map.
>>> 14. Create a new WebLayout.
>>> 15. Select the map.
>>> 16. Save the WebLayout.
>>> After item 7, you should be able to preview your data, using the
>>> "Preview"
>>> feature.
>>> Item 8 is where you could set up filters and the like.
>>> You can repeat item 12, if you have many layers.
>>> If the above does not help, try to explain where it goes wrong.
>>> Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S
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