[mapguide-users] Fusion 2.0 Beta Notes

Mark Pendergraft markp at Meadgilman.com
Tue Feb 17 12:12:40 EST 2009

I have been experimenting with both the MapGuide standard template and
my own.
Apparently I had a coordinate system issue in my map that I was testing
(changed it and forgot to change it back), which explains the negative X
value.  Although my map is still reporting in meters despite being in
Still at a loss as to the other issues though.

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Thanks for the feedback Mark, we'll try to take a look at these  
issues.  Which template are you using, or is it one that you have  


On 16-Feb-09, at 9:17 PM, Mark Pendergraft wrote:

> I'm trying to implement Google Maps into my Fusion application using  
> the 2.0 Beta.  I'm having a bit of trouble.  Right now I'm trying to  
> load the Sheboygan map and the google map in the same MapGroup and  
> my program has continuous errors (which seem to point to the  
> maptip).  I also have to disable the OverviewMap when I load the  
> google map because it crashes when it loads.
> Can anyone provide some instructions or a brief overview on how we  
> should be incorporating MapGuide and Google Maps into the same map?
> Also, I've noticed a few other bugs in 2.0:
> The CursorPosition widget does not show up in default layout unless  
> the widget is added twice to the Statusbar container.  It would  
> appear that the second element in the statusbar container is  
> actually overlapping the first element.  So the element is there,  
> but you can't see it because the second element in the container is  
> on top of it.   This happens with all Splitterbar controls added to  
> the layout.
> Neither Tooltips nor the MapTip appear to work.
> The Coordinates in the CursorPosition widget appear to be  
> incorrect.  The X value is always negative (on the Sheboygan example  
> and on my own map which is in Washington State Plane Coordinate  
> System (HPGN) North Zone US Foot).  A negative X value in a  
> Washington state projection would indicate a position somewhere in  
> the ocean.
> Another issue I've noticed with the CursorPosition widget is that it  
> always seems to report in meters despite my map being in Feet.  The  
> widget reports in my maps units (feet), but appends a 'm' on the end  
> of the X and Y.
> Thanks
> -Mark P.s
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