[mapguide-users] Silverlight/Moonlight Viewer

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Feb 20 11:38:51 EST 2009

Hi Carl,

To my knowledge, the only person who is even thinking about implementing
a Silverlight or Flex viewer for MapGuide is Haris Kurtagic; there are
no RFCs or initiatives that I know about to create this.  Flex would be
desirable from a cross-browser and installation base perspective, but I
think that we probably have more .Net developers in this community than
Flex developers, so it may make more sense from a maintenance
perspective to go with a Silverlight viewer.

If you have a business need for a vector-based viewer and development
resources or funding to apply to it, please feel free to start that
conversation :)


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IT has been over 6 months or so since the last post on this thread. Has
progress been made on a viewer. I note that in the interim Silverlight
has been launched as well as Moonlight 1.0. It is pretty official now
the DWF viewer is not going to be supported in the future and althought
AJAX viewer has made some performance increaces it still has some
performance penalties in particular when it comes to tool tipping. 

The AJAX viewer seems fairly usable for simpler mapping data but still
struggles when using lots of layers which is something which the company
work for has to do. 

Any updates?


Carl Jokl

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