[mapguide-users] Impossible To connect trougth ODBC to .csv

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Feb 23 11:35:20 EST 2009

As Dave said, it's broken (you can't get there from here) so at best
you'll need to find a workaround.


I can't find a Trac ticket for this one on the FDO site.  I'm guessing
that it is being tracked in ADSK's internal system, but it wouldn't hurt
to enter a bug report with as much detail as you can in the FDO Trac:






From: Micho Gar
Sent: February-23-09 2:47 AM
Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] Impossible To connect trougth ODBC to .csv


Ok, sorry for repeating the question, but it is very necessary to
resolve this.

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