[mapguide-users] Silverlight/Moonlight Viewer

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Feb 23 13:30:48 EST 2009

Hi Carl,

MGOS supports an image type of PNG8, which automatically reduces the bit
depth of images from 24 to 8 bits as they are rendered.  This can't
really be used with tiled images though because each tile would have a
different palette.  I think that Zac did some experimentation running
third-party compression tools over his tile cache?  Regardless, I don't
think you'll see perceived performance as high as MG 6.5 from any of the
current viewers any time soon.

I would suspect that without a client that uses the (undocumented?) DWF
eMap format, this will be removed from the server code.  I agree with
you that a rich client viewer needs something other than XML/JSON for
performance though.  I'm not sure how hard it would be to add a binary
content type to the mapagent; I know that Haris has been thinking about
this for the REST extension.  There are probably other things to think
about too, such as getting this content type past firewalls, performance
when using within Silverlight/Flex, etc.


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One issue that has been a problem though as I have
heared reported from others in the company is the matter of image
compression. This hits performance on both the AJAX and DWF viewer
because the images being sent across the internet are larger than in
MapGuide 6.5.


I might fear also that if the DWF view is not going to be supported
there might also be a case for pulling the plug on supporting
the map image data from the server in DWF form too.

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