[mapguide-users] Base64 encoding decoding scenarios

Warren Medernach wmedernach at rand.com
Mon Mar 2 11:42:51 EST 2009

I'm working on decoding the UIDs passed in the selection XML, and I want
to thank the group for all of the posts on decoding base 64 as I can
successfully decode a UID now!


However, when I attempt to decode a UID that is NOT made up a single
integer field, I'm running into some problems:


Scenario #1:

If the UID consists of 2 integer fields, upon decoding, only the first
value is returned.

Example, objects Key fields are: 

     UID1: value=1684

     UID2: value=1365


When I decode this, only the first value, 1684, is returned.

Do I need to do something different for decoding a feature where there
are multiple key fields?


Scenario #2

If the UID consists of a text field, the decoded value is incorrect.

Example, object UID = '1365-1684'

Decoded, the returned value is: 892744497

And I noticed if multiple objects are selected, it seems all of the
decoded values are: 892744497


Any comments, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Warren M

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