[mapguide-users] Polygon are not recorded in feature

Ivan Milicevic Ivan.Milicevic at supranet.hr
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Please, open http://gis.supranet.hr/mapguide/mapagent/index.html click on Resource->GetResourceContent


Maybe your feature source is set to rtead only. I had the same problem in past couple of days.


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Hi all, 
I have a code that should save the polygons in the feature source after using the Digitize. In principle I do not give any error, but when reviewing the shp the polygon don´t appear. I leave with you the code because I don´t see anything bad.

MgUserInformation userInfo = new MgUserInformation(sessionId);
MgSiteConnection siteConnection = new MgSiteConnection();

MgResourceService resourceService = (MgResourceService)siteConnection.CreateService(MgServiceType.ResourceService);
MgFeatureService featureService = (MgFeatureService)siteConnection.CreateService(MgServiceType.FeatureService);

MgResourceIdentifier zonasFeatureId = new MgResourceIdentifier("Library://ConectorGPS/Datos/poligonosZonas.FeatureSource");
MgFeatureCommandCollection zonasComando = new MgFeatureCommandCollection();

//Abrimos el mapa
MgMap mapa = new MgMap();
mapa.Open(resourceService, mapName);

//creamos la geometria
MgGeometryFactory geometryFactory = new MgGeometryFactory();
MgCoordinateCollection coordinateCollection = new MgCoordinateCollection();
//MgLinearRingCollection interiorRingCollection = new MgLinearRingCollection();
MgAgfReaderWriter geometryReaderWriter = new MgAgfReaderWriter();

int count = xCollection.length;
for(int i=0; i<count;i++)
    Double x = Double.valueOf(xCollection[i]);
    Double y = Double.valueOf(yCollection[i]);
    MgCoordinate  coordinate = geometryFactory.CreateCoordinateXY(x,y);
MgLinearRing exteriorRing = geometryFactory.CreateLinearRing(coordinateCollection);
MgPolygon polygon = geometryFactory.CreatePolygon(exteriorRing,null);
MgByteReader geom = geometryReaderWriter.Write(polygon);

//creamos una coleccion de propiedades y la insertamos
MgPropertyCollection propiedades = new MgPropertyCollection();
propiedades.Add(new MgGeometryProperty("Geometry", geom));
propiedades.Add(new MgStringProperty("ID", "zona1"));
zonasComando.Add(new MgInsertFeatures("zonasCapa", propiedades));

featureService.UpdateFeatures(zonasFeatureId, zonasComando, false);

//capturamos la capa para salvar el mapa y refrescar
MgLayerBase zonasCapa = mapa.GetLayers().GetItem("zonasCapa");


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