[mapguide-users] asp.net example of loading a webmapservice layer

Stefan Dalakov s.dalakov at mapware.net
Tue Mar 3 07:01:51 EST 2009

First :
In my case it was enough to define it in the configuration file for the 
WMS datasource
  <SchemaMapping provider="OSGeo.WMS.3.1" name="WMS" 
    <complexType name="ByggType">
      <RasterDefinition name="Image">
*        <Transparent>true</Transparent>
*        <BackgroundColor>0xFFFFFF</BackgroundColor>
        <Layer name="VERANDA">
        <Layer name="TAKSPRANG">

Stefan Dalakov

stoff wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a new and an old problem :
> First I am still looking for a solution about transparency 
> Do I have to configure it in the layerdefinition.xml AND in the called URL(
> ... ?service=wms&transparent=true)?
> Second problem: 
> Loading of the wms layer works fine. But in the legend.aspx
> BuildLayerDeifinitionData-Function there is an encoding-problem in the row
> "doc.LoadXML(layerDefString). He finds a char code 65279 as first Charakter
> .... strange, because loading of the layerdefinition works fine, and there
> is no charakter like this in the xml-file ...
> Is there a posibility to use explicitly UTF-8 Encoding within the mapguide
> resource-classes?  
> Best regards,
> Christoph

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