[mapguide-users] FOSS4G 2009 Call for Abstracts

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Mon Mar 9 14:34:13 EDT 2009

The Organizing Committee would like to welcome all interested participants to submit abstracts for presentations for the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference (FOSS4G), being held in Sydney, Australia October 20-23. FOSS4G offers participants an opportunity to learn from and share your knowledge, experience and ideas with a group of like minded individuals representing a wide array of industries, governments, technologies and nationalities. 

Presentations are open to all those interested and will comprise a 30 minute slot which includes hand-over, introductions and 5 minutes for questions. Presentations will be selected which have a strong "Open Geospatial" theme to them. The committee is looking for a mixture of technical and non-technical presentations. 

In deference to the conference theme of "User Driven," topics of particular interest are: 

  a.. Case Studies: Share your experiences implementing and using open source geospatial. What problems were you attempting to solve? How successful were you and at what cost? What can others learn from your experience? 
  b.. Business Case: Have you had to sell the Open Source concept within your organization? How did you present the concept to management? How did you present the cost/benefit scenarios and build the business case? What hurdles did you encounter and how did you surmount them? 
  c.. Collaboration: Have you faced the trials of collaboration between organizations, remote offices or team members scattered to the far corners of the globe? What steps have you taken to improve the efficiency of your collaboration: open or de facto standards, decentralized data collection, or the myriad of solutions that only you could describe? 
  d.. Security: Securing you data while ensuring ease of access to those select few within your inner circle can be a daunting task. Share you successes, and your failures, with others facing their own security issues. 
  e.. Developments: Have you created a shiny new widget that is about to change the world? Or has your time-honored project finally completed a much requested feature or two? Bring us up to date with the new developments in your open source geospatial software products with all the latest buzz: what does it do, how are people using it and what is in store for the next year. 
For more information, visit the FOSS4G site at http://2009.foss4g.org/presentations/ 

The deadline for presentation submissions is June 1st 2009. See you in Sydney. 
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