[mapguide-users] Layer's selection Problem

aniliht aniliht at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 9 21:25:18 EDT 2009

I'm also using a sql server 2008 and have 2 simple tables as follows:

- DrawingID (PK, int, not null)
- DrawingName (varchar(50))

- PointID (PK, int, not null)
- DrawingID (FK, int, not null)
- Name (varchar(50))
- Point (geography, not null)

There is one row in each table,  the geography instance is in SRID 4326 (WGS
84).  The item displays properly but I can't select it no matter what.

I'm using the windows install of Mapguide 2.0.2:
MgServerSetup-  It did not have the SQL Server Spatial
provider bundled.  So I installed the fdosqlserverspatial-3.3.0_win32.tar.gz
which is SQL Server Spatial BETA 1.  I chose this because the dll version of
the bundled FDO.dll that the MgServerSetup installed was

Do you know if the BETA 1 version of the SQL Server Spatial provider doesn't
support selection on layers?

What version of MapGuide, FDO, SQL Server Spatial Provider releases work to
be able to select points on a SQL layer?  

Is it ok to install the latest version of FDO (which is 3.3.2) into the
C:\Program Files\MapGuideOpenSource2.0\Server\Bin\FDO directory,
overwritting the contents that the MgServerSetup placed?  

The release notes for MG 2.0.2 says: "MGOS 2.0.2 is compatible with FDO
3.3.1 but the version packaged with the installers is actually a newer
version."  But the version of FDO in the Bin directory appears to be

Thanks for any clues you can provide.

miansi wrote:
> I have exactly the same behaviour for SQL 2008.
> I do not know if this is applicable for Oracle, but for SQL
> 1. You have to have Primary Key (clustered) on the table you want to show
> on the layer
> 2. PK has to be int
> 3. You have to create spatial index on the spatial column
> 4. As soon as you will try to add JOINS to your database view (if you
> trying to show layer off View) - you will lose selection functionality. I
> am fighting with this one for week already.
> Hope that will help
> padmini godavarthi wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> iam using mapguide opensource 2.0 (with .net 2.0 +IIS 5.1) 
>> I have created a package using Oracle "OSGEO FDO provider for Oracle" 
>> and Mapguide Maestro. 
>> but while seeing the map by"Show in browser" the layers are does not
>> selecting on map and the properties is not displaying even after i
>> checked the option "Features on layer are selectable" in the map
>> resource. 
>> Is anything i did wrong? 
>> Can u plz tell me the solution? 
>> Thanks and Regards, 
>> Padmini. 

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