[mapguide-users] Load AutoCAD Map 3D DWG file

Stefan Dalakov s.dalakov at mapware.net
Tue Mar 10 08:46:06 EDT 2009

If I understand you correct, you expect that Studio creates "feature 
joins" out of link templates in MAP3D. This seems a little brave 
expectation since it is not always possible - if your link templates 
were pointing for example to a local MS Access file how would they be 
translated ? I think you have to create these joins in Studio

Stefan Dalakov

Jackie Ng wrote:
> I don't think Studio can load dwgs made with AutoCAD vertical products (eg.
> Map 3D), it will just treat them as vanilla AutoCAD dwgs. I could be wrong
> here.
> - Jackie
> mkaram84 wrote:
>> Hi
>> We have an AutoCAD Map 3D DWG file which its layers have blocks. The
>> blocks are linked to an Oracle Database 10g R2 by two link templates:
>> "MG_ID" and "MG_Name".
>> When we try to load the DWG file into Mapguide Enterprise 2009 through
>> Autodesk MapGuide Studio 2009, the loading is done successfully with one
>> problem that I can't see the link templates in the Feature Data.
>> I tried to publish the DWG to MapGuide Enterprise 2009 from AutoCAD Map 3D
>> 2009, and it has the same effect that i can't see the link templates in
>> the Feature Data.
>> I tried to export the Layers to SDF from Map 3D 2006 and I can
>> successfully export to SDF with the two link templates, but when I tried
>> to load this SDF into Studio 2009 it doesn't load any symbols or blocks
>> (just a Point Layer)
>> My problem here: I need to load the DWG Layers with its two link templates
>> and also the symbols (blocks) into MapGuide Studio 2009.
>> Your help will be appreciated
>> Thanks & Regards

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