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Arnaud De Groof Arnaud.DeGroof at spacebel.be
Tue Mar 17 07:56:26 EDT 2009



I tried to connect Mapguide OS 2.0.2 with a PostGreSQL 8.2 + PostGis
database via FDO OGR Provider 3.3.0.

I copied the three dll files (PostGISProvider.dll, PostGISOverrides.dll,
PostGISMessage.dll) from OSGeo Website into the
MapGuideOpenSource2.0\Server\Bin\FDO folder and I updated the
providers.xml file.

In MapGuide Maestro, I created a dataconnection with the OSGeo FDO
Provider for PostGIS. Unfortunately, when I tested the connection with
the specific parameters (database, server, port,..), the following error
is encountered:

Error: An exception occurred in FDO component.

        Unable to load the FDO Provider: (null) 


  - MgFeatureServiceHandler.ProcessOperation line 83 file

  - MgOpTestFeatureSourceConnection.Execute line 100 file

  - MgFdoConnectionManager.Open line 262 file
anager\FdoConnectionManager.cpp   An exception occurred in FDO

Unable to load the FDO Provider: (null)




Arnaud De Groof



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