[mapguide-users] Lack of Coordinate Systems

Bruce Dechant bruce.dechant at autodesk.com
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Is your PROJ_LIB environment setting pointing to the "nad" directory?
Is your GDAL_DATA environment setting pointing to the "data" directory?

If you are running the MapGuide server from a script ensure that it is not altering the above environment settings.

The categories.txt file needs to be in the "nad" directory pointed to by the PROJ_LIB environment setting.


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I have installed Mapguide 2.0.2 with FDO 3.3.1 (SDF, SHP, WFS, WMS, GDAL, OGR, PostGIS) on an Ubuntu server (8.04); however, I am having a problem with the coordinate systems.  Specifically, 'enumerating categories' only shows arbitrary x-y coordinate systems.  I've looked through the mailing list archives and it would seem that the problem is that the application is not picking up 'categories.txt'.  I have placed this file in both the 'data' and 'nad' directories and restarted both Apache and the Mapguide daemon without success...any pointers on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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