[mapguide-users] Help with joining tables please

Dave Wilson dave.wilson at autodesk.com
Thu Mar 26 10:39:10 EDT 2009

Of course if both tables are in the same database instance you might get your DBA to create a view joining the two tables for you. The performance would be better.


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Can we assume your spatial data is in tableA and you are using a Spatial provider connection? For table B I would suggest using an ODBC connection via a DSN. You don't need the overhead of the spatial provider stuff for the joined table.

The same should apply when joining to SDF. In almost all cases the join should use an ODBC connection to the secondary data.


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Hello, I've been fighting with this for a while and need your help.

I want to combine a few tables together and have that data available for themeing and viewing.
Without attempting to join tables, the data loads without any problem. However, I have not been able to get tables joined.

Using normal SQL Server 2008 "inner join tableB on tableA.location = tableB.location" is what I'm trying to do.
Using the Autdesk Mapguide Studio, I click through, set up my joining tables exactly as I would in SQL.
In the layer definition editor, I see the new attributes.
Before doing anything else, I export the layer as XML and test my map.  The map viewer doesn't stop showing the busy icon, the legend labels become question marks (?) and no data ever loads.  If I disable the layer, all the other layers show quickly.

I've tried using the same database connection, a different database connection, and a SDF imported from a shapefile. No method appears to work for me.

Is there a proper way of setting up joining tables? Should I learn the XML syntax and do it manually?

Thanks for your help,

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