[mapguide-users] building 64bit openmapguide on rhel 5.4

Bracco Stefano Stefano.Bracco at eurac.edu
Thu Apr 15 10:32:26 EDT 2010

It was added, but some parts are not compiled because there is an IFDEF in the code which excludes the 64 bit.

You can get the last dwftk (as  I did).





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Dear Kevin Webb,


Thank you for your valuable help,


I did everything exactly as you said, but I'm still having the same error when building MgDev (see the attachment).


The dwf libs are compiled smoothly. I checked the Server/src/Core/Makefile if -ldwfcore was given for the linker, but I found both dwftk and dwfcore was added.

Now I am hopeless again. If you could share how you could overcome with this, I would be realy grateful. 


Thank you,





Hello Adam, Rajeev, and others interested in 64bit MapGuide,

I thought I had the problem solved last week. I got FDO and MapGuide to
compile on a x86_64 installation of Fedora Core 8 (a torturous
experience). When I tested using the Sheboygan.mgp sample data, mgserver
threw an FDO exception related to the ConvertUTF16toUTF32() routine in
Fdo. It was then that I realized I had contract work to do and I didn't
have the time it would take to do a thorough job on Fdo and any other
packages needing work, so I stopped my 64-bit installation and installed
on an ancient 32-bit box so that I could get some work done. (I am still
debugging the 32-bit install - nothing is ever easy in this business).

To answer your direct question, here is how I got around the DWFTimer
issues. My thinking is that DWF is an Internet Explorer only viewer, not
much use for today's browser market. I also didn't know what other
dependencies there were for the DWF library so I just wanted to make it
compile and not ever use the viewer. I copied the dwfcore/x86/Core.cpp,
and dwfcore/x86/Timer.cpp files into the dwfcore directory. I then
edited Timer.cpp to change the 32-bit assembler into 64-bit assembler,
register name changes only. I added Timer.cpp and Core.cpp to the
dwfcore Makefile and Makefile.am for the libdwfcore_la_SOURCES tag.

In general I had to sprinkle around alot of -fPIC directives in numerous
spots, and I changed all of the build_oem.sh entries that were
--enable-static --disable-shared


--enable-shared --disable-static

The change to dynamic linking required adding some -l___ and -L____
directives as called for.

I hope to go back to the 64-bit build when I have time, but maybe the
2.2 version will be out by then.

Good luck!

Kevin Webb



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