[mapguide-users] building 64bit openmapguide on rhel 5.4

kfwebb at bombasticlocution.com kfwebb at bombasticlocution.com
Thu Apr 15 20:21:44 EDT 2010

Hi Adam,
Stefano is correct about removing the #ifdef statements in both
Timer.cpp and Core.cpp.

Remove all of the following #ifdef, #else, and #endif (making sure you
remove all of the WIN32 code that is inside the _DWFCORE_WIN32_SYTEM
code blocks:

#error    Cannot continue - implementation not provided for this
hardware configuration

The only code that should be left is the code that was inside the
_DWFCORE_LINUX_SYSTEM code blocks, some of which you updated for 64-bit


On Thu, 2010-04-15 at 16:14 +0200, Balogh Ádám wrote:
> Dear Kevin Webb,
> Thank you for your valuable help,
> I did everything exactly as you said, but I'm still having the same
> error when building MgDev (see the attachment).
> The dwf libs are compiled smoothly. I checked the
> Server/src/Core/Makefile if -ldwfcore was given for the linker, but I
> found both dwftk and dwfcore was added.
> Now I am hopeless again. If you could share how you could overcome
> with this, I would be realy grateful. 
> Thank you,
> Adam
> Hello Adam, Rajeev, and others interested in 64bit MapGuide,
> I thought I had the problem solved last week. I got FDO and MapGuide
> to
> compile on a x86_64 installation of Fedora Core 8 (a torturous
> experience). When I tested using the Sheboygan.mgp sample data,
> mgserver
> threw an FDO exception related to the ConvertUTF16toUTF32() routine in
> Fdo. It was then that I realized I had contract work to do and I
> didn't
> have the time it would take to do a thorough job on Fdo and any other
> packages needing work, so I stopped my 64-bit installation and
> installed
> on an ancient 32-bit box so that I could get some work done. (I am
> still
> debugging the 32-bit install - nothing is ever easy in this business).
> To answer your direct question, here is how I got around the DWFTimer
> issues. My thinking is that DWF is an Internet Explorer only viewer,
> not
> much use for today's browser market. I also didn't know what other
> dependencies there were for the DWF library so I just wanted to make
> it
> compile and not ever use the viewer. I copied the
> dwfcore/x86/Core.cpp,
> and dwfcore/x86/Timer.cpp files into the dwfcore directory. I then
> edited Timer.cpp to change the 32-bit assembler into 64-bit assembler,
> register name changes only. I added Timer.cpp and Core.cpp to the
> dwfcore Makefile and Makefile.am for the libdwfcore_la_SOURCES tag.
> In general I had to sprinkle around alot of -fPIC directives in
> numerous
> spots, and I changed all of the build_oem.sh entries that were
> --enable-static --disable-shared
> to
> --enable-shared --disable-static
> The change to dynamic linking required adding some -l___ and -L____
> directives as called for.
> I hope to go back to the 64-bit build when I have time, but maybe the
> 2.2 version will be out by then.
> Good luck!
> Kevin Webb
> Balogh Ádám
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