[mapguide-users] Fixing a corrupt repository

Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
Sun Apr 18 12:15:12 EDT 2010

How about trying to save your entire repository (from the Library:// level
on down) using Administrator?  Then, stop the service, delete the existing
repository files, restart the service so the repository files are rebuilt,
then load the package.  Be sure to back up everything first.......

Andy Morsell, P.E.
Spatial Integrators, Inc.
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I have copied a Library folder from the Root using Maestro, and was going to
take care of all the renaming etc. using it. However, once I did that, the
system began tossing an error, and stopping/starting the mapguide service
would not fix it - only re-booting the machine. And even at that, it would
last through one operation, and back to the same thing, including rebooting
the server. I intend to discuss this in a Maestro post, but at this point,
I'm looking for a way to fix the repository.  In the RepositoryAdmin.pdf it
says the following:

"Restart the server. The server will automatically try to fix the
There is still a chance that a recovery may fail if any of the repository
files have been
deleted or are too badly damaged."

That doesn't sound too encouraging, as there is not any info on a Repository
that is "too badly damaged"

Has anyone seen and fixed this before?


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