[mapguide-users] Access a Mapguide tile cache over multiple hostnames through Openlayers

GNEMMI Ludovic LGNEMMI at rgd73-74.fr
Wed Jan 13 03:42:53 EST 2010

Hi list,
I would like to use multiple hostnames to load faster Mapguide tiles exposed directly via a webserver but it seems that a given tile is not loaded each time
from the same hostname. There is the potential for the tile being cached 4 times when 4 hostnames are defined.
I thought Openlayers was able to handle this possibility. Am i doing something wrong or this option doesn't work with mapguide http Layers?

var urlArray =[ "http://server1/MgTiles/","http://server2/MgTiles/","http://server3/MgTiles/","http://server3/MgTiles/"];
var httpLayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.MapGuide( "Orthophoto", urlArray, params, options );

Thanks for your help

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