[mapguide-users] Ajax Viewer and Digitizing - may be a bug

Stefan Dalakov s.dalakov at mapware.net
Fri Jan 15 08:55:24 EST 2010

Hi Peter,
Sorry for the delayed reaction.
Unfortunately I didn't manage to find a solution. In fact, I have not 
tried very hard, because the workaround fitted OK with my workflow.

Regards : Stefan

psciga wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> have you solved it? I have exactly the same Problem with the
> DigitizeLineString()-function.
> Regards,
> Peter
> S.Dalakov wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I encountered a strange bug with the Ajax Viewer. I had a module for 
>> digitizing polygons, which was placed as InvokeURL command in the Task 
>> Pane. Now I transformed it to an InvokeScript command and it is started 
>> through the top toolbar as a part of a Flyout - drops down in a menu. 
>> The bug is that, when I click on this dropdown menu to activate the 
>> DigitizePolygon function, the first vertex of the polygon is 
>> automatically placed where I have clicked to activate the function - the 
>> point on the map that was behind the menu. My workaround in this 
>> situation is to fire an alert box, displaying a message, which clears 
>> the buffer and then everything goes like expected.
>> Has any body noticed such an effect / defect / bug? Is it possible to be 
>> a bug in my code ?
>> The behavior is the same in IE, FFox and Safari
>> It is MGOS 2.02
>> Stefan Dalakov
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