[mapguide-users] Problem with map only half showing.

Gabriele Monfardini gabrimonfa at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 05:07:23 EST 2010

You may try to have a look to the output of the command gdalinfo
applied to your tiff files.

It sometimes reports errors or warning, expecially on compressed tiff
files created with some applications.
This probably means that gdal have some problem reading the file even
if it appears correctly in image viewers/editors.

The most common issues, in my experience, are non conventional
headers, missing data at the end of some blocks, application specific
metatadata information. Minor things that however may confuse gdal.

We've had the same issues with some tiff files and similar results:
the layer sometimes is partially showing, sometimes completely missing
and sometimes working correctly. Even a very small pan produces a
quite different result, almost unpredictably

We recreated the tiff file, checked that gdalinfo output was positive
and that fixed the issue (however in mapguide 1.2)



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