[mapguide-users] How to consume WFS services with MapGuide from another MagGuide based WFS service

Bo Victor Thomsen bvt at geograf.dk
Fri Apr 15 09:09:22 EDT 2011

To the list -

I've run into some problems using WFS with MapGuide:

The scenario:

I have two Mapguide servers:

    * The first server has a data connection to a MapInfo tab file with
      WFS enabled: one(1) projection defined, bounds  defined in
      projection coordinates; only US-ASCII characters used in
      "Keywords" and "Abstracts"; the name of the data connection
      contains no white space or non-US-ASCII characters.

    * This MapGuide based WFS service have been tested using Gaia ver.
      3.4.2 with success: Gaia shows the map objects; you can use the
      information tool on the map objects and Gaia reports the correct
      projection and map bounds.

    * I've created a data connection on the the second server to the WFS
      service on the first server.
        - Pushing the "Test connection"  button reports "Successful
      Connection" (I'm using MapGuide Studio)
      - Using the preview facility shows me a list of all the WFS
      enabled data connections on the first server with data and
      geometric properties
      - But if I try to preview either the data or the features  of a
      connection I'll get an error:

      "An exception occurred in FDO component. Schema can not be found
      in the collection."

      The "WFS client" MapGuide server error log  shows the same message
      including a trace-back.
      The "WFS server" MapGuide server shows no errors in the error log.

    * I've create a layer on the second server using the described, WFS
      based, data connection.
      - The "Feature class", "Geometry" and "Properties.. " fields in
      the dialogue shows the expected information and behaves correctly.
      - Preview function doesn't show any objects.

    * Lastly, I created a map using the above mentioned layer and
      getting the following result:
      -  the projection is found when I add the layer to the empty map.
      The bounds is not found (defaults to -0.5,-0.5 .. 0.5,0.5). No
      objects in preview. Same result if I set bounds values manually

Versions used:
MapGuide Enterprise 2010 og MapGuide Opensource 2.1
FDO ver. 3.4

I have 2 questions:

   1. Is it at all possible to have a MapGuide based WFS client to
      consume a WFS service from a MapGuide server ?
   2. If the first answer is "Yes", have anyone an example for me to
      follow ?

Med venlig hilsen

Bo Victor Thomsen
Geograf A/S

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