[mapguide-users] Raster Layer from ECW

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Fri Apr 22 03:55:47 EDT 2011

Please note that you require a license from ERDAS to use the GDAL ECW plugin
with server-based technology like MapGuide.  Details on how to configure
MapGuide for use with ECW images are available here:


If you require additional help beyond this, please state the steps that you
are taking and exactly what results you are seeing.  Saying that something
"doesn't work" doesn't help us to help you.

There was a user guide for Maestro 2 that dealt with raster data.  It's
broken and somewhat outdated, but the basic steps from creating a feature
source on are probably still the same (not sure; haven't done raster data in
Maestro 3 yet).


On 21 April 2011 09:41, [f] wrote:

> I installed MapGuide 2.2 and Maestro 3.0 RC1.
> I just need to show a raster layer from an ECW file.
> I found on internet many different tips for doing that (by copying dlls,
> overcoming bugs and so on), but the ones I tried didn't work.
> Since I am not familiar with programming stuff I wonder if there is a
> "standard" set of steps (better for "dummies") for creating and showing a
> raster layer from a ECW file (by using Maestro).
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