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Thanks for your prompt answer,

2011/4/22 Jason Birch <jason at jasonbirch.com>

> Please note that you require a license from ERDAS to use the GDAL ECW
> plugin with server-based technology like MapGuide.

Yes I read it and I will buy it (at the moment I am just trying to learn how
everything works on my laptop).

>  Details on how to configure MapGuide for use with ECW images are available
> here:
> http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/wiki/MGOS22GdalProvider

This is one of the tutorials I followed without succeeding. Anyway I made
everything again.

> If you require additional help beyond this, please state the steps that you
> are taking and exactly what results you are seeing.  Saying that something
> "doesn't work" doesn't help us to help you.

Ok, let's start from the begin, here my steps:

- In Maestro 3.0RC1 I created a Feature Source -> GDAL Provider
         In the created tab:
           - I wrote the filename with its absolute path of the ECW file
into the File or Folder path textbox
           - the Test Connection was True
           - I added a Coordinate System (LL)
- On Validate it gave me this warning:

Validating resource: Library://Data/a.FeatureSource
Warning - OSGeo.MapGuide.ObjectModels.FeatureSource_1_0_0.FeatureSourceType:
Spatial context extent appears to be invalid (or is the default extent
returned by FDO provider. Meaning it very likely does not truly represent
the extent of your data)

- Then I tried to create the layer by the template "Raster Layer Definition"
and it doesn't allow me to save the tab because of this error:

Validating resource:
Error - OSGeo.MapGuide.ObjectModels.LayerDefinition_1_0_0.LayerDefinition:
Failed to find schema  in featuresource Library://Data/a.FeatureSource

I guess it means that something is missed ... where am I wrong in the steps?
Thank you for any help

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