[mapguide-users] Digitize Circle and get xml selection in Fusion

Iulia Tamas iulia_tamas30 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 11:23:02 EDT 2011


I have modified the MapguideViewerApi,.js by copying the Rectangle handler and increasing the number of sides to 40 in order to make a circle handler.
The circle is now digitized, but the next issue that I'm facing is the fact that I  don't know how to get the center and radius of the circle . This is how i use to do it in Ajax:

function AddCircle() {
function OnCircleDigitized(circle) {
    var geometryInput = document.getElementById("geometryInput");
    geometryInput.value = circle.Center.X + "," + circle.Center.Y + "," + circle.Radius;

Thank You,
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