[mapguide-users] Digitize Circle and get xml selection in Fusion

Michael Adair madair at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Oct 19 09:05:46 EDT 2011

For making a circle handler, just copy the Rectangle handler (which uses 
a Regular Polygon handler) and increase the number of sides to something 
like 40.
For the selections, register a Fusion.Event.MAP_SELECTION_ON event 
listener on the map object and then you can use the map.getSelection() 
method passing in a callback function that you can use to process the 


On 19/10/2011 3:37 AM, Iulia Tamas wrote:
> Hello
> I have the 2 following problems with Fusion (MapGuide 2.2):
> 1) I don't know how could I digitize a circle because in  
> MapguideViewerApi.js I have found only :  DigitizePoint / DigitizeLine 
> / DigitizeLineString / DigitizeRectangle / DigitizePolygon
> 2) How can I get the xml selection from the Map. I know that in Ajax 
> we have GetSelectionXML() but I couldn't find a similar function in Fusion
> Thank You,
> Iulia
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