[mapguide-users] SV: zoom to extent using bookmarks

Von Barth, Peter Peter.vonBarth at eon.se
Thu Oct 27 03:45:51 EDT 2011

Just to clarify.
I want to zoom to a given extent within a fusion application.
In the ajaxviewer I can call the ZoomToExtent API function through an invoke script.
But how do I do this from a fusion application? Do I have to create a new widget or is there a function or script I can use within fusion?

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Ämne: [mapguide-users] zoom to extent using bookmarks

I'm running MapGuide 2.1 on windows server 2003 R2 enterpriseX64 and maestro 3.5.
I want to create "Bookmarks" in the task pane  or in the map menu. Just a simple invoke URL to zoom to a certain extent within the Map in the same session.
I know that in MapGuide 2.2 you can save an url to your current extent and this could be a solution. But I don't want to upgrade at this point. And I also want the bookmark to open in the same session without loading a new window.
Can anyone please give me some pointers

/Peter von Barth
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