SV: [mapguide-users] Error: Failed to stylize layer: An exception occurred in FDO component. Connect failed

Hans Milling hm at
Thu Oct 27 04:24:46 EDT 2011

I might have found the error. The file is located in a folder named "Århus" where Å is a Danish letter. I tried to rename the folder to "Aarhus" and then I can add/view the layer correctly.
Seems that the OGRProvider in FDO3.6 does not support Unicode/none ASCII characters in the path name. But FDO 3.5 and earlier worked with no problem.
The clue was the OGRInfo tool as it writes the Å character as ┼ which is a classic character conversion error.

I will rename my files/folders with to ASCII characters, setup all my layers and see if that works.


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Emne: Re: [mapguide-users] Error: Failed to stylize layer: An exception occurred in FDO component. Connect failed

do you have dbf files there as well?

can ogrinfo read and identify the files correctly?

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 6:56 PM, hm <hm at> wrote:
> Hi All
> I just installed Autodesk Infrastructure Studio 2012, but now some of my
> layers are not working. The layers not working are all based on
> TAB/MAP/ID/IND files. Layers from e.g. SQL Server works fine.
> I have added the ORGProvider.dll (and all dependencies) to the bin\FDO
> folder. Also ensured that it is FDO3.6 to match the existing version. The
> providers.xml also have a reference to the dll.
> When I try to preview a layer already created using the TAB/MAP/ID/IND files
> I get the following error in the Logs\error.log:
> <2011-10-27T09:00:21>   4060    Ajax Viewer     ::1     Administrator
>  Error: Failed to stylize layer: Adresse
>        An exception occurred in FDO component.
>        Connect failed:
>  StackTrace:
>  - MgMappingUtil.StylizeLayers() line 820 file
> d:\build\mge2012\build_42.2\ent\os\server\src\services\mapping\MappingUtil.cpp
> When I delete the layer and add it again using Maestro, add feature and
> select OSGeo FDO provider for OGR, type the path to the TAB file in the
> datasource  and push the Test Connection button I get the following error:
> <2011-10-27T09:22:52>   5108    MapGuide Maestro v3.5.0.6071    ::1     Administrator
>  Error: An exception occurred in FDO component.
>        Connect failed:
>  StackTrace:
>  - MgFeatureServiceHandler.ProcessOperation() line 83 file
> d:\build\mge2012\build_42.2\ent\os\server\src\services\feature\FeatureServiceHandler.cpp
>  - MgOpTestFeatureSourceConnection.Execute() line 100 file
> d:\build\mge2012\build_42.2\ent\os\server\src\services\feature\OpTestFeatureSourceConnection.cpp
>  - MgServerFeatureService.TestConnection() line 234 file
> d:\build\mge2012\build_42.2\ent\os\server\src\services\feature\ServerFeatureService.cpp
>  - MgFdoConnectionManager.Open() line 313 file
> d:\Build\MGE2012\BUILD_42.2\Ent\OS\Server\src\Common\Manager\FdoConnectionManager.cpp
>  - MgFdoConnectionManager.CacheFdoConnection() line 985 file
> d:\Build\MGE2012\BUILD_42.2\Ent\OS\Server\src\Common\Manager\FdoConnectionManager.cpp
>  - MgFdoConnectionManager.Open() line 977 file
> d:\Build\MGE2012\BUILD_42.2\Ent\OS\Server\src\Common\Manager\FdoConnectionManager.cpp
> Does anyone have a clue what I have done wrong? If you need any more
> information I will be happy to share it.
> Best Regards Hans Milling
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