[mapguide-users] PostGIS connection crashes MapGuide server

Gabriele Monfardini gabrimonfa at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 07:19:59 PDT 2012


I'm on Mapguide 2.2 + Postgresql 8.3/8.4 (postgis 1.3)

I'm using the OGR provider with a GDAL recompiled to support PostgreSQL.
I'm on Linux, but it should be viable also on Windows.

I've tried with success gdal 1.6.3 and gdal 1.7.2 (the original gdal
shipped with MG 2.2 is 1.6.0).
I think that every gdal 1.6.x should work since the increased minor
number means bugfixes.

I've ever wondered why Mapguide does not ship a gdal with postgresql
support (since is the preferred way to connect to PostGIS for a huge
number of healthy free GIS software), since there are no licensing
issues, it works white well and the OSGeo.PostgreSQL provider is yet
not mature enough.

The reason is probably that if you have to enable it by yourself you
cannot claim for support.

So, if you want to try, you should recompile gdal with postgresql
support (it's very easy on most linuxes) or find a precompiled gdal
1.6.x (probably the easiest way on windows, try starting from


Gabriele Monfardini

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