[mapguide-users] How to change Bing Map Locale?

hayashi@ogi hayashi at apptec.co.jp
Sun Jul 22 17:53:05 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I have a trouble about using "Bing Map" as fusion BaseMap on MGOS2.2.
My country Locale is ja-JP and I set "ja" locale to serverconfig.ini.

I finished to translate MGOS2.2 Fusion to Japanese and
Fusion and some my widgets are working well as Japanese mode.
But "BingMap" is not show Japanese labels on my Fusion contents.

In fact, I tried to add an option string "&mkt=ja-JP" to
entry by using Mestro5.0beta.
It did not work because I did not save opened XML by Maestro error.

"Openlayes" need "Openlayes.Layer.Bing.culture" to conrol locale on Bing,
But I could not find the line to set this "culture" member value to "ja-JP" or
"en-US" or other language locale value.

Does anyone know how to change BingMap labeling locale on Fusion?

Best regard,

 OSGeo.JP psc
 hayashi at apptec.co.jp

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