[mapguide-users] Error: w3wp.exe (MapGuideAppPool suffers a fatal error with the Windows Process Activation Service)

Martin Morrison martin.morrison at edsi.com
Thu May 3 16:08:45 EDT 2012

The answer is to go back to the basics.  Here is a list of items to check in no real order.

1) Connection time out interval.  If you have viewers on a slow link to the web server, they may exceed the default timeout intervals.  Don't laugh, there are still people on dial up...

2) Make sure the underlying data is stored on a fast disk LOCAL to the server.  I know UNC paths are supported, but they are slower.

3) If you are using a database, make sure the data is indexed and the spatial index has the correct extents.

4) If using a database, don't use joins.  Prepopulate the data using scripts, triggers or whatever else tickles your fancy.

5) If you aren't using a database use one.  Preferably SQL server, Oracle or MySQL.  In any of these databases use the spatial component, it is much faster than reading an XY column.

6) Make sure your data is all using the same projection, coordinate system, units, etc.

7) Make sure your physical server hardware is good enough.  By good enough I mean plenty of memory, fast disks etc.  Generally speaking your old desktop computer is not good enough.

8) If you are using virtual servers, try to dedicate some physical disks to it.

9) Use the current version of MapGuide.

10) Write clean code for any customization.

11) Make sure you are not displaying data at a resolution that is higher than needed.  E.g. Don't turn on 6" photos zoomed out at a 1:100,000 scale.  Normalize your data and display the full dataset while zoomed in and the normalized when zoomed out.

12 Speaking of data, clean it up.  It makes zero sense to have a perfectly straight line with 100 vertices when it could be done with 2.

This list is NOT all-inclusive, I have projects to get done so can't spend much more time on it today.  Others should add to this list as they see fit.

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This has been happening more and more lately with some public clients. Is there anything that would generically cause this. Why do we have to reboot a server everyday to make MapGuide work properly? The only solution to this is a full virtual server reboot. Does the new MapGuide 2.4 solve any stability issues?

MapGuideAppPool suffers a fatal error with the Windows Process Activation Service.

MapGuide OS 2.2
Windows Server 2008 R2
32bit Enabled

Chris Gountanis

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