[mapguide-users] Old printable page back in as Invoke URL

northtron rnorthcott at gmail.com
Wed May 23 14:38:53 EDT 2012


Using MapGuide 2.4beta..
I am attempting top bring in the old style Printable Page UI as a command
(like form MGOS2.2 days), and invoke it via URL.
Quite frankly, it's much better then the built in Quick Plot in my opinion.
It allows the selection to carry over ontop the printable page, and doesn't
spew the x/y coordinates all over the place that block the underlying data
(Why that option made the cut and a hard coded can't toggle I'll never
know). Plus we have issues with it not popping up randomly after a bunch of
successful pop-outs. so we'd like to kill it all together and go back to the
old stable way to print a map page.

For the most part I've got the old pages setup properly and is all good,
except the default values I need to pass from the map into the printablepage
are defaulting to 0 in the ui from header page loaded in the task pane.

The variables needed are things like:
var scale = 0;
var centerX = 0;
var centerY = 0;
var dpi = 0;

are all set to zero in the UI page. And therefore carry over into the
printablepage URL parameters.

If I manually change these to be centered on my map, etc, the page works
In the Layout editor in IMS Studio, I can build in URL parameters with the
Invoke URL command, but I can only push static values, or the current
selection. No where can I pre-load or pre-pad the printable page values on
the UI so they will pass down to the actual printablepage.aspx file 

I'm going to keep messing around, but where is the best place to look to
hack into the built-in custom commands like the Quick plot, so I can maybe
just swap out the code as needed, or hack it work more liek the old
printable page.aspx

Thanks all for any support. I'm going to keep hacking away at it otherwise.
It's too bad you just replace out these older commands, and don't keep in
the old ones. It really prevents people from upgrading properly.

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