[mapguide-users] Autodesk Infrastructure MapServer - WMS requiring credentials

Flavio Hendry flavio at hendry.ch
Wed May 30 03:40:33 PDT 2012

Hi Sergey

> Try to use wms/wms, and see to the end of webconfig.ini file at
> mapserver2012 virtual folder source path.

Thanks ... yeah, according to the administration setup, userid of WMS is 
"WmsUser" and according to webconfig.ini "wms" is the password ... I saw 
that, but nothing works (not wms/wms, not WmsUser/wms not even admin 
credentials ...) ... In addition, according to the admin setting, anyone 
should have access anyway (no credentials should be required).

Mit freundlichem Gruss / Best regards
Flavio Hendry

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