[mapguide-users] What is the best system specification for MG2.2 with 90ish layers?

Gabriele Monfardini gabrimonfa at gmail.com
Thu May 31 01:16:16 PDT 2012

> Layers: 80ish (.shp, .tiff, Access database, SQL Express 2008)

I think they are far too many.
You will have slow map startup (even if most of them are not shown at
startup, because of some per-layer overhead), and a very huge legend,
that is probably a bit overwhelming for your users.

I'm not saying that MGOS will be slow whichever resources you throw at
it (it most depends on your data), it may results perfectly viable (or
it may not).

But I don't consider having a map that display so much layers a good approach.

Moreover, you may want (if it is possible) to prepare your data.
Using a database with a spatial index is the best solution, since your
performance quickly become I/O bounded if you have huge tiff raster
and shapefiles.

You may consider loading shapefiles into a spatial layer of your db
(though I'm not sure if and how you can do it in SQL Express), and
loading Access data in SQL Express (and maybe connect data from MS
Access if you need to access it from an external application). MS
Access is not exactly tuned for performance, and you lack spatial

If you experience low performances and low CPU/memory load you may
consider to move the db to another tier to mitigate I/O load.
My 2 cents.



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