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Ryan Northcott rnorthcott at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 07:25:58 PDT 2012


Just a quick question about a possible bug, I wondered if anyone else has
experienced this before..

Using AIMS 2013 actually (We have both MGOS 2.4 and AIMS running just for
fun and testing!)
Running under Window 2008 Server R2 x64.

Running Ajax Viewer..

I Add to my commands a Custom Search option. and set it up as I need it to
query etc.

Namely.. these two pages get loaded into the Task Pane:
searchprompt.aspx - to search
search.aspx - to see results, and select/zoom
The search works great, and fast etc.. but there appears to be a bug once
you zoom..
If you have setup scale references to hide layers at certain scale ranges..
when you zoom into a selected feature, the Map legend doesn't

Therefore the user can see the map data, but can't see those layers to
toggle them on or off, etc in the legend..
Once you manually zoom, or do something else it refreshes, but I can see my
users being confused.

eg. A user loads a map of an entire State.. then they will search for a
Parcel, then zoom to location via the search.aspx page.
And immediately they can't turn on or even see any other thematic layers
that should be available due to the scale range levels.

I know I can fix it myself, and I'm probably going to re-write something
more custom in the end.. but out of the box I feel like this should work.
Should this be a bug report or a ticket to fix in future versions?

Or am I missing a toggle somewhere simple that updates the legend?

Thanks Group!
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