[mapguide-users] Generate tiles in specific areas based on layer/shapes

Hans Milling hm at geograf.dk
Thu Jan 17 01:50:13 PST 2013

Hi All

Many have written about tile generation in the forum. Often too many blank
tiles are generated or you do not need 1:250 tiles in areas where there are
nothing interesting (like sea/lakes/desert etc. unless you have a)
I have an idea to the MgCooker application.
How about making MgCooker able to generate tiles only in specific
areas/shapes? I know you can overwrite the boundaries, but that is not
MgCooker should generate tiles based on a layer with shapes that MgCooker
reads from the MapGuide server and only generate tiles for the areas
specified by the shapes in the layer. This could also be a static GML or WKT
file or something else.

Examples of use (for some known as "business case"):
1. You have a map with a banana shaped island, if you generate tiles for the
entire map you generate more ocean tiles than land tiles. If you then had a
layer with a shape that surrounds the shoreline you would only generate land
2. Let's say you have a layer with shapes of city boundaries. Then you could
generate the tiles only for these areas and the country side you do not
generate tiles. Then you could generate the first few zoom levels for the
entire map (as this is quick). If people for some reason zoom to an area
outside of this you generate the tiles on the fly (even though it is slow).
3. You could also have an address/point table (since you might have farms in
the middle of nowhere) and only generate tiles for these points (with some

This could reduce the amount of time used for tile generation and the amount
of disk space used for the tiles.

Just a thought.

Best Regards 
  Hans Milling...

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