[mapguide-users] Infrastructure Map Server 2013 and Mapguide Open Source 2.1

HUSSON Matthieu Matthieu.HUSSON at aprr.fr
Wed Jun 5 02:53:38 PDT 2013

Hello Mapguide-Users,

I was wondering about installing Infrastructure Map Server on a Server that I use with Mapguide Open Source.

The thing is : I want to keep the websites currently running on Mapguide open source and will do the migration to Infra Map later.

So my question is : Can Mapguide Open Source 2.1 and Infrastructure Map Server 2013 work together on the same computer ?

Will there be any side effects ? Should I have to do something special or just run the setup.exe and install Infra Map normally ?

Best Regards,

Matthieu HUSSON
Ingénieur de développement
Tél. +33 3 80 77 66 79
matthieu.husson at aprr.fr

36 rue du Docteur Schmitt

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