[mapguide-users] IMPORTANT - MapGuide RFC 136 is ready for review

Zac Spitzer zac.spitzer at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 20:37:32 PDT 2013

I fully support this change

anyone relying on this functionality can easily write some wrapper code in

On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 12:12 AM, Andrew DeMerchant <
andrew.demerchant at gemtec.ca> wrote:

> **
> Good points, for sure. The MGOS 2.0 docs here<http://www.osgeo.org/files/mapguide/docs/2.0/d5/d10/class_mg_feature_service_6b09a6f5e5ae73065e3d6d24110f7d81.htm>seem to say that it used to only handle SELECT queries, and that anything
> else would return MgFdoException....either that got changed at some point
> after v2.0 or that statement was wrong. If it got changed, maybe it's just
> a matter of looking how it was handled in that older version? You might be
> able to revert and take some ideas from there....if that statement was just
> plain wrong though, you might be right - getting rid of it might be easiest.
> When I'd made my comments, I was thinking of a very basic sql grammer
> parser, yes. Even just something as simple as making sure the statement
> starts with "select" and doesn't have any commands that you'd like to
> block.
> Personally, I don't use ExecuteSqlQuery, so I'm not going to be affected!
> And maybe no one's really using it...maybe it's no big deal to get rid of
> it. My suggestion was just the first thing to come to mind after reading
> that rfc.
> On 13/06/17 10:52 AM, Jackie Ng wrote:
> In hindsight I probably should've had hotfixes on hand first before making
> this announcement.
> Nevertheless, if you want to patch this vulnerability out first and discuss
> later, I've added hotfix dlls for MGOS 2.2, MGOS 2.4, MGOS 2.5 to the RFC
> page. Simply overwrite the MgHttpHandler.dll under your <MapGuide
> Install>\Web\Php and <MapGuide Install>\Web\www\mapagent directories
> Once you've applied this hotfix and restarted your web server, your MapGuide
> installation will no longer support the EXECUTESQLQUERY operation in the
> mapagent, plugging up this particular vulnerability.
> Linux users can apply the given patch and compile a new libMgHttpHandler.so.
> I'm somewhat strained on Linux build resources, so if others can chip in and
> provide patched libMgHttpHandler.so files for the various versions of MGOS,
> that would be great.
> Now to actually respond to your post. I mention the lack of SQL safeguards,
> but I don't think implementing such safeguards is going to be that "simple".
> How do we:
>  a) Guard against SQL injection (EXECUTESQLQUERY doesn't use bind
> parameters)?
>  b) Prevent joining against tables that aren't meant or supposed to be
> joined?
>  c) Protect against un-authorized SQL execution from session-based copies of
> a Feature Source?
>  d) Most importantly, do all of this in C++?
> Do we have to implement our own SQL grammar parser? How do we handle the
> various DBMS-specific dialects?
> There's a lot of unknowns and lots of risks involved. And for what? To
> execute SQL over the internet via HTTP? That sentence alone smells of
> security holes waiting to be punched wide open!
> This RFCs says to take the easiest path: gut this feature out until we can
> rethink how to do this in a safe manner if that's even possible! I currently
> think it's not. Especially not over a public-facing component like the
> mapagent.
> - Jackie
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