[mapguide-users] Fusion: customize Selection Panel

Franco Caloni franco.caloni at stacec.com
Mon Jul 7 09:54:15 PDT 2014

Hello everybody,
I need to customize the Selection Panel.
Because it seems that my customizations are not rendered, I modified
widgets/SelectionPanel.js inserting some alert() calls in the varius
funtions:  renderFeature(), renderSelectionFeatures(), and so on, but no
alert popups.
But if I insert these alert() calls in the same functions that are in
fusionSF.js  alerts get displayed.
It seems it doesn't execute the code in widgets/SelectionPanel.js.
Why widgets/SelectionPanel.js is not invoked?
Should I modify fusionSF.js?  (I don't think this is right)
PS: all other widgets (and the application in general) works perfectly even
with my customizations



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