[mapguide-users] MapGuide Maestro6.0a3 and Raster.

Berg, James James.Berg at stantec.com
Thu Jul 17 11:44:36 PDT 2014

Before you start creating Mr Sid raster feature sources, you should know that MapGuide Open Source does not support Mr Sid by default. You need to install the .dlls manually (a fairly complicated process.) Have you tried creating rasters in other formats such as tiff or png? If you haven't you should try that first and figure out Mr Sid after you know how to create at least one working feature source. 

I wrote a little tutorial on creating raster feature sources for personal reference that might be helpful (possibly outdated, though)

1.	Click the "New Resource" button and select "Feature Source" in the window that appears and click the "Add" button.
2.	In the "Select FDO Provider" window, select "GDAL Provider" and click "OK."
3.	In the "GDAL Feature Source" tab that appears ensure that the "Single" radio button in the "Type" group is checked.
4.	Click either "..." browse buttons in the "File" group or "Alias" group. Clicking the button in the File group will create a manage feature source and clicking the button in the Alias group will create an unmanaged feature source.
Note: Using the Alias group to create an unmanaged feature source will require that the path to the file folder location be set up in the MapGuide Administrator first. See: Configuring External Files.
5.	Using the browse window that appears, select the needed raster image and click the "Open" button. The image path will appear in the "File or Folder path" textbox.
6.	 Create a coordinate system override that will match the coordinate system of the map and other layers. Save and name the feature source.

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