[mapguide-users] Step by Step Mrsid Gdal support implementation for packaged MGOS 2.5.1

Berg, James James.Berg at stantec.com
Fri Sep 5 11:23:17 PDT 2014

I've had to install Mr SID on MapGuide Open Source  2.5.2 64-bit recently and documented what I did. Here are the directions I wrote:

Mr SID is a raster image format that is not supported by MapGuide Open Source by default. You must install support manually by adding .dll files to specific folders in the MapGuide installation. The .dll files (binaries) can be found on this website: http://www.gisinternals.com/sdk/. A set of binaries downloaded from this site contains all of the binaries needed to add support for all sorts of extra raster formats, not just Mr SID.
However, gisinternals lists many, many sets of binaries and only one set will work with your installation of MapGuide Open Source. There are three criteria to determine which set you should download:

1.       Which version of C++ your MapGuide Open Source was compiled in. There are three versions

a.       MSVC2005

b.      MSVC2008

c.       MSVC2010

d.      MSVC2012 (not released yet as of 9/5/2014)

2.       The "bitness" of your MapGuide Open Source. "Bitness" refers to either 32-bit or 64-bit.

3.       What version of GDAL your MapGuide Open Source is using.
Okay, but how do you figure out your MapGuide's C++ version, bitness, and GDAL version? The MapGuide OS 2.5.2 64-bit has the following characteristics:

1.       C++: MSVC2010

2.       Bitness: 64-bit

3.       GDAL version: 1.9.0
Now that we know what to download, let's visit gisinternals and select a set of binaries. Here's how to find it:
[cid:image011.jpg at 01CFC90C.8D9841B0]
This is the set of binaries we need. Click the release-1600-x64-gdal-1.9.0-mapserver-6-0-1 hyperlink.
A new window will appear. Click the first link with the description, "Compiled binaries in a single .zip package."
[cid:image012.jpg at 01CFC90C.8D9841B0]
Extract the zip file. The folder structure will look something like this:
[cid:image013.jpg at 01CFC90C.8D9841B0]
Inside the bin folder is something like this.
[cid:image014.jpg at 01CFC90C.8D9841B0]
Inside the bin/gdal/plugins folder is something like:
[cid:image015.jpg at 01CFC90C.8D9841B0]
The binaries in the bin and bin/gdal/plugins folder are what we're interested in. The binaries the bin/gdal/plugins folder contains the master .dll files needed to install support for a new raster format. These master binaries depend on the binaries in the /bin folder. Where do I put the binaries from bin and bin/gdal/plugins folders? That depends on what raster format you're trying to install.

First, create a folder under C:\Program Files\OSGeo\MapGuide\Server\bin called gdalplugins.
There are three directories we'll be copying .dll files to under C:\Program Files\OSGeo\MapGuide\Server\:

*         bin/gdalplugins

*         bin

*         fdo
Copy .ddl files from the bin/gdal/plugins and bin folders from the set of binaries to the following directories:

Restart your MapGuide service, and you'll be able to create feature sources from Mr SID rasters. If you've been trying to create feature sources already, you may have to re-create your feature source from scratch for it to work.

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