[mapguide-users] Rasterlite file on MGOS

Riccardo Pucci riccardo.pucci at dbcaditaly.com
Wed Sep 24 13:54:47 PDT 2014

Hi All,

I successfully managed to connect MGOS to a rasterlite db using FDO GDAL 
Rasterlite is a library designed to give fast read access to large 
raster dataset. Data are stored in a sqlite db. When loaded into the db, 
raster are automatically tiled and pyramidal set of overview can be 
built. Follow the link below for better explanation.


Since GDAL Provider shipped with MGOS is not built with rasterlite 
support, I have followed the instruction to add ECW, MrSID as per


Since I tested it with MGOS 2.5 I grabbed the needed dll from:


If you want to give it a try you can use the gdal utilities to create a 
new rasterlite db (from a large geotiff for example):

gdal_translate -of Rasterlite <yourfle.tiff> 
RASTERLITE:<filename>.sqlite,table=source -co DRIVER=JPEG -co 
gdaladdo RASTERLITE:<filename>.sqlite,table=source 2 4 8 16

After that you just have to create a new GDAL feature source using 
Maestro and select the newly created  sqlite file.
I made a little test with a small (20000x10000) jpeg, performance are 
nearly 10 times better compared with original raster used as is.

Hopes it helps :)

Riccardo Pucci

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