[mapguide-users] mapguide-react-layout 0.12 released

Jackie Ng jumpinjackie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 05:17:24 PST 2019

I've put out a new 0.12.8 release that:

 * Plugs more localization holes in:
   * Feature tooltips
   * Share link to view component
 * Modal dialogs spawned from commands now use the command label as the
dialog title instead of the command name.

This will be the last release in the 0.12.x series as I move full steam
ahead to the next 0.13 release. 

Yes ... change of plans from my original 0.12 announcement, this project
isn't going on a short hiatus just yet. We're using some key libraries that
are long overdue for major updates (Blueprint 1 -> 3, OpenLayers 4 -> 6,
etc), so going on my originally planned hiatus would just prolong this
problem that must be solved eventually, which 0.13 will primarily address
(amongst any other features/bugfixes I slip in along the way)

- Jackie

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