[mapguide-users] SqlServerProvider migrating to OSGeo.SQLServerSpatial error

Jackie Ng jumpinjackie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 02:58:53 PST 2019

Oh dear! You probably won't like what I am about to say.

You can't just point to the old db created/managed by the Autodesk.SqlServer
provider to use OSGeo.SQLServerSpatial provider instead. The structure of
the database schema/tables created by this provider and the custom geometry
storage format used is such that OSGeo.SQLServerSpatial cannot read it.

You'll have to use the FDO API to physically migrate the data out of that db
[reading the data through the Autodesk.SqlServer provider] into a fresh db
[writing the data through the OSGeo.SQLServerSpatial provider].

I'd normally suggest using FDO Toolbox to bulk copy data out of the old db
(through the Autodesk.SqlServer provider, whose dll is registered with FDO
Toolbox) and write the data out to the new db (via the
OSGeo.SQLServerSpatial provider).

But your version of FDO (3.4) is just too old for me to suggest this as a
possible solution.

I don't know how you came to set up your db with the Autodesk.SqlServer
provider because OSGeo.SQLServerSpatial provider has existed since FDO 3.3.
The only reasons you would use this provider are:

 * You were using SQL Server 2005 or older, which had no native spatial data
support which would require use of the Autodesk.SqlServer provider
 * You had access to a license/subscription to AutoCAD Map or MapGuide
Enterprise that would include this provider.

Assuming you have a license/subscription to this version of AutoCAD Map, I'd
suggest you use the bulk copy feature of AutoCAD Map to copy the data out of
that db (through the Autodesk.SqlServer provider) and write it out to a new
db through the OSGeo.SQLServerSpatial provider.

Only once you have migrated the data out to a fresh SQL Server db can you
then point to it using the OSGeo.SQLServerSpatial provider.

Other than that, I have no other suggestions.

- Jackie

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