[MapProxy] MapProxy settings with tilecache

pierre verkest petrus-v at hotmail.fr
Wed Apr 21 16:04:28 EDT 2010

Hi list,

I'm newbie with MapProxy and I'm trying to set it with my own tilecache server.

TileCache is running well with the basic layer exemple (http://www.verkest.homelinux.com/wms/tilecache.py/1.0.0/basic/0/0/0.png).

MapProxy looks to run well (I installed mapproxy with easy_install on ubuntu). With Qgis I can see the osm layer example (test it).

Then I want to add a new layer (services.yaml) :
            title: Petrus-v basic layer
            # cache tiles in format:
            # format: image/png
            # cache projected and geographical SRS
            srs: ['EPSG:4326', 'EPSG:900913']
            # store another level between each regular level
            res: 'sqrt2'
            # request all data in this format:
            # request_format: image/png
            # use a tile size of:
            tile_size: [256, 256]
        - type: cache_wms
            url: http://www.verkest.homelinux.com/wms/tilecache.py
            layers: basic

When I want to add that layer in Qgis I get an error:
HTTP Error (http://www.verkest.homelinux.c...): 404

test the error here

Where can I see the end of the Error? I supposed that mapproxy don't find the tilecache layer but what's the entirely request?

Is it a miss configuration or a miss install? 

Have you any simple example to start? or any idea to help me?


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