[MapProxy] Trailing slash on Capabilities url

Jason Lee jaslee.st at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 13:06:40 EST 2010

This is my MapProxy Capabilites url for TMS layers :-


If I removed the trailing slash and enter "http://localhost:8080/tms/1.0.0",
I get the 404 "Not Found" error message. Compare this to a TileCache request


This works in both cases of trailing slash or not, i.e. it still returns the
XML document.

So should MapProxy allow for the omission of the trailing slash also? (is it
something I can configure on my IIS web server?) I ask this question because
I am trying to link TMS map source to a GIS application which seems to
insist in omitting the trailing slash, hence failing to connect to my local
TMS source into the application.

Any help or advice gratefully received, thanks.
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