[MapProxy] EPSG:4326 requests from a Tile Source

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Dec 6 08:13:14 EST 2010

On 06.12.2010, at 14:00, Jason Lee wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to configure a Tile source in MapProxy. The source url points to custom map tiles on my local server in a similar format to OpenStreetMap tiles ("http://mytileserver/z/x/y.png"), the following is my mapproxy.yaml setup :-
> layers:
>   my_tiles:
>     title: My local stash of map tiles
>     sources: [my_tile_cache]
> caches:
>   my_tile_cache:
>     grids: [GLOBAL_MERCATOR, global_geodetic_sqrt2]
>     sources: [my_tile_source]

You can only use one grid if you are using tile sources and that grid needs to be in the same projection as the source (EPSG:900913/GLOBAL_MERCATOR in your case). Reprojecting incoming tiles is not supported. You can request that cache in any projection though.

> sources:
>   my_tile_source:
>     type: tile
>     url: http://localhost/mytiles/%(z)s/%(x)s/%(y)s.png
>     origin: nw
> After saving the changes and MapProxy restarting itself, I see the new "my_tiles" source layer listed in "http://localhost:8080/demo/". However, all but 1 of the services (TMS, EPSG:900913) return valid map tiles. I see that the WMS demo is set to EPSG:4326 and changing to EPSG:900913 subsequently works fine.
> Is there something I am missing for my Tiles source layer setup to be able to return maps in EPSG:4326? (or any other SRS other than web mercator 900913)


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