[MapProxy] EPSG:4326 requests from a Tile Source

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Wed Dec 15 09:16:43 EST 2010

On 14.12.2010, at 16:15, Oliver Tonnhofer wrote:
>> Just wonder if anybody else has had similar problems with MapProxy in Windows, particularly using a Tiles source. Maybe it is something to do with conflicts in Windows environment variables or a missing component (I already installed pyproj) or something.
> Yes, I had the same issues. I tested MapProxy 0.9.x on Windows today and it seams that the reprojection with pyproj does not work, it just hangs. It works with MapProxy 0.8.5, though. I tried to trace the bug, but I didn't found it jet. It hangs somewhere inside of pyproj, but only when MapProxy is running, not in the unit tests.

Ok, found it. It's a deadlock within pyproj. It works with pyproj 1.8.5 on Python 2.5, but not with the pyproj 1.8.6-1.8.8 packages for Python 2.6. I opened a ticket: http://code.google.com/p/pyproj/issues/detail?id=26


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