[MapProxy] Far Future Expires Header

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Sun Jun 13 08:42:52 EDT 2010

On 13.06.2010, at 04:04, Marc Harter wrote:

> For configuring far future expires headers for MapProxy requests is that something done in the config.ini in the FastCGI server?  I tried throwing an .htaccess file in the mymapproxy root directory to no avail and put it in the VirtualHost definition but still no luck.  Anything I'm missing?  Thank you.

For TMS or WMS? MapProxy already handles cache control for tiles. You can set the time in the proxy.yaml:

# TMS/Tile server options
    # HTTP cache control expire time 
    expires_hours: 72 

MapProxy also supports '304 Not modified' responses. So if a client re-requests a tile and the tile was not changed, the image is not transferred again.

I'm not sure if and how you could overwrite these headers in Apache.

BTW: MapProxy 0.9.x will allow to configure more options on a layer/cache level that are global at the moment. (Like cache control, image resampling, etc.). 


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